BoA:Audio gets political, specifically parapolitical, as we welcome legendary conspiracy researcher and writer Kenn Thomas for a discussion on his new book Trumpocalypse Now!

This incredibly freewheeling conversation examines how the 2016 election seemed to usher in a new era in the conspiracy theory genre with any number of idea number of ideas getting mainstream attention when, previously, they be dismissed or outright ignored.

Over the course of a marathon length of time with barely any notes, we delve into the conspiracy theory surrounding potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, why Hillary Clinton is no saint either, the backroom dealings which took down Bernie Sander’s run for the presidency, the media coverage of Trump and how they’re now paying the price for their quest for ratings last year.

We also wind down some various interesting side roads including the prospect of The Rock running for president in 2020 or beyond and key conspiracy researchers that are no longer with us, like Sherman Skolnick.

Additionally, we hear about Kenn’s absolutely jaw-dropping encounter with the mysterious Elisa Lam and ponder the possibility that both Trump and Clinton were put forward as candidates because the ‘powers that be’ wanted a president beset by scandals.

Plus we talk about how modern technology has changed the culture of conspiracy research by way of making it easier to get information out there, but it’s now packaged in a wholly different way from the ‘zine era.

And, of course, we spend some time chatting about our mutual favorite musician: the incomparable Bob Dylan.

Fair warnign: if you’re sick of politics or are a die hard Trump supporter, you may not be a huge fan of this particular episode, but, if you are a fan of conspiracy theories, the program provides a ton of food for thought as we sit back and take a look at the state of our world as well as how the hell we got here with the iconic Kenn Thomas.

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Kenn Thomas on BoA:Audio, Season X

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