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The icon of cryptozoology, Loren Coleman joins BoA:Audio for a wide-ranging conversation covering a vast array of cryptozoological topics as well as issues surrounding the infamous copycat effect.

Among the areas discussed are Loren’s awesome International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, specifically their International Cryptozoology Conference to be held later this summer over Labor Day weekend.

We also talk about the Tasmanian Tiger, the current state of Bigfoot research and the evolution of cryptozoological TV shows and movies, as well as how the rise of localized Bigfoot groups mirrors ghost and UFO groups.

Additionally, we delve into the phantom clown craze from last year that may be coming back in an even more troubling form in 2017, Dr. Bryan Sykes’ cryptozoological work and attempts to find Yeti DNA, the Orang Pendek and how it might be the most promising cryptid when it comes to creatures that might be found.

Plus, of course, tons and tons more during a conversation that went beyond the BoA jam session style and turned an almost jazz-like session bouncing all over the cryptozoological map with the legendary Loren Coleman.

MP3s & Streaming Audio linkage here:

Loren Coleman on BoA:Audio, Season X

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