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Yet another longtime friend of the program returns to help us celebrate our final season as the extraordinary Marie D. Jones joins us for a paranormal news and fringe science jam session.

After some hilarious kvetching about the state of social media, Marie and Binnall discuss three big stories circulating in the UFO world: the MUFON racism scandal, Sean David Morton apparently headed to jail for a very long time, and space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow saying he knows aliens are here on 60 Minutes.

Following that, we delve into the world of demons, evil, and fallen angels and discuss Marie’s forthcoming book, co-written with Larry Flaxman, on these sinister subjects.

We then move on supervolcanoes, the potential for a massive earthquake in the future, and DARPA weather modification.We also spend some time talking about Marie’s burgeoning career in the entertainment industry and Binnall’s trip to Marie’s adopted hometown of San Diego.

Altogether it is an absolutely fabulous edition of the program that is classic BoA:Audio ‘sitting at the bar’ talk with one of our oldest and dearest friends: Marie D. Jones.

MP3s and Streaming Audio linkage here:

Marie D. Jones on BoA:Audio, Season X

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