Longtime friend of the program Adam Davies returns to BoA:Audio for a revisiting of his now-infamous ‘Bigfoot portal’ experience as well as a discussion on a variety of different cryptids he has searched for around the world.

We begin on a somber note by reflecting on Monday evening’s tragic terrorist attack that took place in Manchester, England, which is Adam’s hometown and where he lived until just a year ago.

Diving into the cryptid realm, we spend the first hour or so of the program taking another look at Adam’s incredible ‘Bigfoot portal’ experience of 2014.

Beyond the ‘Bigfoot portal,’ we also cover Adam’s trip to the Himalayas in search of Yeti, Adam’s latest thoughts on the Orang Pendek, Adam’s other Bigfoot expeditions around America, and his trips to iconic UFO locations Roswell and Area 51.

Wrapping things up, we learn about a remarkable new avenue of exploration that Adam has taken by becoming a tour guide at the legendary Whaley House in San Diego, which is billed as America’s most haunted house.

Altogether, it’s another fun-filled and fascinating program with Adam Davies as he returns to his paranormal podcasting base camp of BoA:Audio.

More detailed recap as well as MP3 and Streaming Audio linkage here:

Adam Davies on BoA:Audio, Season X

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