Reading a lot of UFO related books at once: Colin Wilson’s Alien Dawn, a pile of books from Tim Beckley’s Global Communications, Mike Clelland’s The Messengers, and more. All very interesting and so many times! come across little synchronicities and similar encounters. (On the latter; no matter how strange those encounters may be, I find, over and over again, that I either have experienced the same thing, or, know personally of someone who has.)

One thing that is obvious: the UFO phenomena/phenomenon is full of trickery, deceit, confusion, and contradiction. Parsing out bits here and there in hopes of finding The Answer hasn’t worked, and won’t work. It won’t satisfy. It won’t answer. Not the Big Question. Maybe a few small ones, but not the ultimate.

Another aspect is the idea of aliens from space. I do believe there are aliens from outer space, and that they once lived on Mars and other planets in our solar system as well as beyond. But at the same time, there are other things that go on that are UFO related, most definitely, yet don’t seem to be outer space visitors. Instead, this angle seems to operate from right here; within the earth, or of another dimension alongside us, or . . . something other, but not alien-as-in-ET.

Not to mention the strange creatures that, no matter how unrelated in many ways they may be to UFOs, maintain a component of UFO-ness regardless. Lizard men, Sasquatch, Mothman, Loch Ness creature, to name a few. Explore these and you’ll come up with UFOs in the mix.

One facet of the UFO experience that I find fascinating is the seeming mimicry of ghost type activity. There are enough UFO narratives that include haunting type happenings — which is which? Are aliens from space manipulating our perceptions of “ghosts?” Or entities from other dimensions the cause of some (note I say “some”) paranormal/ghostly sightings and encounters? What about the dream state, where apparently, we have ghosts, UFOs, aliens and spirits communicating with us?

The “aliens” be they literal from space, or some other entity, also appear during trance states, mediation, during crystal work, etc. Magical workings seem to attract. . .

Not to mention religious experiences and apparitions, such as Fatima.

And then there’s the nuts and bolts factor. UFOs with colored lights in often amazing displays, as well as more boring ones; a single orb, or three simple lights of the same color. Crazy maneuvers in front of witnesses, indeed, following witnesses, seemingly on purpose. Clearly they are putting on a show for our benefit.

These examples — and there are countless more of differing illustrations — point to something that is both obvious and confusing. The obvious is: there are  crazy disparate (seemingly)  things happening at once. The problem isn’t that, it’s the presumption that it’s one or the other thing that is The Answer. It’s aliens from space, or, it’s inter-dimensional. Or mind control. Or the government-military shadow government. The confusing is: it’s confusing! But it seems to me, it’s a lot more complex that one simple answer that attempts to select a single aspect to satisfy this question of UFOs.





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