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BoA:Audio, Season IX crosses the finish line featuring an epic conversation with UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett. Over the course of this nearly three hour episode, we revisit the possibility for real government UFO disclosure and find out why Stephen thinks it’s more possible than ever before.

He provides an incredible history of the disclosure movement since the 1990′s and explains all the many clues which he believes indicate that something is afoot from certain politicians. Of course, we delve into the strange Hillary Clinton UFO connection as well as the rise of Trump and what his role may be in all this UFO business. We also discuss some of the more often overlooked possible ramifications facing a post-disclosure world.

Altogether it’s a spirited discussion about a revelation we’ve long waited for and continue hoping to see in the future: UFO disclosure.

BoA:Audio fans can stick around through the end of the program to hear some details on Season X, including when it will likely premiere (hint: sooner than you may think).

Listen to the complete program via MP3 or Streaming Audio here.

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