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Now as much a part of the Thanksgiving holiday as hand-traced turkeys and Black Friday brawls, it’s our annual Ruxgiving celebration with our old friend Bruce Rux.

This year’s edition of Ruxgiving explores a realm of esoterica long-beloved by Bruce but rarely explored in-depth on the show: pirates!

In an effort to get Ruxgiving 2015 out to folks as soon as possible, we’re skipping our usually exhaustive recap. Instead, here are just a few themes, names, questions, buzzwords, and other fun stuff you’ll hear about on the show…

Captain Benjamin Hornigold and Blackbeard, pirate battles on the high seas and their code of honor, the art of bamboozling, where tales of peg legs, hooks, and eye patches come from, famous female pirates, how random people could be kidnapped by the British Navy to serve as sailors while pirates preferred to take doctors, carpenters, and musicians.

We also get into more arcane topics like the Rolo the Walker, ‘sea people,’ the Knights Templar, the Celts, the various permutations of secret societies throughout the ages, ancient sites like Gobekli Tepe and Stonehenge, and what appears to be the human spirit longing for the sea.

Moving beyond pirates, the last 45 minutes or so are dedicated to a few listener questions and talk about a wide array of different topics including UFOs, Mars, the Colorado esoteric scene as well as the progress of CO’s legalization of marijuana has been going, James Holmes and Bruce’s belief that there was a broader conspiracy at work, next year’s presidential election, and the latest movies and TV shows Bruce has been enjoying since last year’s Ruxgiving.

A fascinating edition of the show worthy of the Ruxgiving tradition as we head into uncharted waters with the mighty Bruce Rux as our guide.

So sit back, grab a beer, put the terrible football game on mute, and dig into another Ruxgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

MP3 and Streaming Audio linkage here:

Ruxgiving 2015 – BoA:Audio, Season IX

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