I had a very strange and creepy experience a couple weeks ago.  I believe it was on Sept 29th.
Years ago I bought what was supposed to be a little blue laser pointer.  It turned out to not really be blue, more of a violet color, 405 nm.  As it turned out, it has an output of up to 5 mw, which is quite bright for a laser pointer.  It is pretty and we often use it to play with our cats.

On that night, Brit was out playing with the dog and he decided to take out the laser pointer to see if the dog had any interest in it, which he didn’t.  A few minutes later he came in and asked if I wanted to see “something weird.”  Of course, I did!  So I went out and Brit shined it around into the bushes, not into the sky.  He told me to watch the sky in a certain area and about 30 seconds later a bright light appeared there (he said it was a different location than where he had seen it earlier) and about 20 or 30 seconds later it just shut off.  This had already happened twice with him before I came out and it happened twice more with me outside.  The second time was in a slightly different location.  Once we stopped using the laser pointer it did not happen again.

Frankly, it creeped me out.  I’ve seen UFOs during the day – some just metallic orbs and some really big strange ones, but I never felt frightened by them.  It is only at night when such things scare me.  I guess things are just scarier when it is dark.  Part of me thought I should try video taping it, but I was freaked out and also figured that showing a light in the sky wouldn’t really help much since that is all it was.

It isn’t the first time I have had such an experience, but this one was slightly different.  Some of you who have read my stuff over the years may know that Brit works with lasers.  Years back we would sometimes shoot his green laser out onto the mountain behind our house.  Within about a minute lights would come moving across the sky.  I always assumed they were planes or maybe drones.  They never made any sound, but they were flying across the sky at a speed that could be a known aircraft.  They didn’t just simply appear like this time!  Also, those had a configuration of lights, like a plane would, they weren’t simply one huge bright light like we saw that night.

Of course, I know that such things have been reported by others.  Steven Greer charges people hundreds of dollars to go out in the desert to do this.  I really think anyone could just invest $10 in their own laser pointer and drive out of town somewhere where they can see the sky and see what happens.

I am not saying that what I witnessed was an alien spaceship.  It could also be a government aircraft or some sort of low orbit spy satellite type machine.  The thing I find weird is that obviously whatever it was could move across the sky without a light, totally invisible to me.  So why was the light turned on and then off, other than to let me know it was there?

This also made me think of something else.  Brit used to work at home for years, so during that time he was using lasers in the house on almost a daily basis.  During those years I had probably dozens of sightings of orbs and other craft (for lack of a better word).  Since he has stopped working at home I have seen nothing, until the other night.

I plan of doing some day time experiments outside with that same laser and see if anything shows up.  Of course, I will update here if anything does!

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