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Making his annual sojourn to BoA:Audio, old friend and cryptozoologist Adam Davies joins us alongside paranormal researcher John Carlson as they reveal, for the first time ever, the full details of their bizarre experience which has created a firestorm in the Bigfoot research community over the past few months.

Exclusively on Binnall of America, Adam and John recount their trip to Dr. Matthew Johnson’s alleged Bigfoot habituation zone in southern Oregon in June of 2014 and how, while there, they witnessed a ‘portal’ emerge and unleash two humanoid entities that ultimately proved to be hostile to them.

Throughout this conversation, we try and get as much detail as possible on every aspect of the tale and pressed the pair with questions that likely will be asked by the more incredulous listeners in the audience.

We also ponder just about every possible explanation for what Adam and John may have witnessed out there in the woods. And, of course, we talk about all of the controversy and fevered interest this whole story has engendered and why the pair have taken so long to talk about the event.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated editions of the program in recent memory and one that will likely be studiously parsed over by true believers and skeptics alike for quite some time. Adam Davies and John Carlson break their silence on the infamous SOHA portal encounter.

Extensive recap as well as MP3 & Streaming Audio links here:

Adam Davies & John Carlson on BoA:Audio, Season IX

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