I live in an urban area where paranormal things aren’t expected to happen. But they do. My neighborhood has a history that goes back to a time when even the Native American’s were weary of the location. Things that should be seen and witnessed in forests off the beaten path, in small towns where everybody knows your business, or in villages so remote cellphones can’t even get a signal, happen in my neighborhood and last night was just the icing on the cake.

Phantom booms and explosions are almost always attributable to the machinations of the human mind. It’s all in your head. But last night at about 2am as my ear drum felt like it was ready to explode I knew this particular experience was NOT in my head. For one thing, the strange frequency was only affecting my left ear. I was sleeping on my right side. My right ear was fine against my pillow. But this frequency was so loud and painful I was actually afraid my eardrum would burst.
The strangest thing of all is right about the time this occurred, a series of car alarms were set off all along my street. Four to five separate car alarms, a loud thrumming that threatened to damage my hearing and the feeling that half of my face and certain parts of my body like my shoulder and elbow were being pulled along with my ear drum.
I’ve never been a heavy sleeper. In fact, sometimes I barely sleep at all. It takes me a few hours to close my eyes and if I am awakened in the night for any reason (and on my street, there are many), I am up, trying to fight my thoughts, bury them in some chasm in my subconsious, just so I can go back to sleep.
I was not inbetween sleep when this happened. In fact, I had just returned to my bed from a bathroom break. I can’t explain to you exactly what happened to me last night, because I don’t know and I am not going to sit here and throw down a couple of possibilities other than the fact that a rocket or a train went rushing passed me in some inexplicable way. Because that is what it sounded like and that is exactly how it felt, at least, in my opinion, seeing as no rocket or train has ever rushed passed my face at 2 in the morning.
If this was some sort of out-of-place auditory hallucination, then how do I explain the rash of car alarms going off one at a time until there was a caucaphony of alarms blaring? How to explain the physical pain I felt? I’ve had many a downright strange experience in my life and I have tried to explain them all away as rationally as possible, even if I did feel, somewhere in the back of my mind, that not just any explanation would suffice.
But I have no explanation for last night.
I’m just grateful I didn’t wake up partially deaf.
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