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In a very special double episode showcase, BoA:Audio presents our epic East Coast ParaCon recap / report featuring filmmaker and friend Paul Kimball helping us to break down the festivities as well as a whole bunch of on-site interviews which were conducted at the event.

Over the course of our extensive conversation with Paul, we take listeners moment by moment through the East Coast ParaCon and share numerous stories about the presentations, vendors, attendees, and other assorted moments and minutiae of the event.

Additionally, we revisit Binnall’s journey to Canada which was dubbed the BoA Canadian Invasion. A vast array of photos from the conference and the vacation can be found at #BoACanadianInvasion.

As if that wasn’t enough, in our 2nd episode, we’ve got on-site interviews from the event featuring Loren Coleman, Stanton Friedman, vendors Andrea Sahadith and Phil Crosby, and ghost investigation leader Kelly Connolly. Plus, snippets from Binnall’s ghost hunt featuring the soon-to-be-legendary Barry.

A veritable poutine of paranormal radio, boasting a comprehensive first-hand account of Liverpool, Nova Scotia’s East Coast ParaCon with Paul Kimball, on-site interviews with a wide variety of folks who attended the event, and the usual odd side tangents which sprung from BoA’s Canadian Invasion.

All the links you need for both episodes as well as a very detailed recap of the entire presentation can be found here:

BoA:Audio East Coast ParaCon Special

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