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BoA:Audio wraps up our international expedition from the last few weeks with an astute observer of the esoteric and one of the more perceptive pundits in the paranormal field: the man they call ‘Red Pill Junkie,’ who joins us from Mexico City, Mexico for a general jam session on UFOs and Fortean topics.

Over the course of this lengthy conversation, we learn about the huge UFO wave which occurred in Mexico in the 1990′s and connect it, via the evolution of Jaime Maussaun, to the 5/5/15 Roswell Slides event which RPJ personally attended in Mexico City.

Additionally, we spent quite some time pondering the nature of the UFO mystery, the role of witnesses in UFO encounters, the psychology of those who pursue studying UFOs as well as those who are ‘true believers.’

Beyond that, we delve into cryptozoological and Fortean mysteries, artificial intelligence, consciousness, and a whole host of other thought-provoking topics.

Altogether it is a contemplative edition of the program as we muse about a variety of strange and unusual facets of the realm that is the strange and unusual as BoA:Audio ventures down the rabbit hole with Red Pill Junkie.

BoA:Audio listeners who want more from RPJ are encouraged to check out his work at The Daily Grail.

Complete recap as well as MP3 & Streaming Audio links here:

Red Pill Junkie on BoA:Audio, Season IX

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