I’m thinking of layers. Layers of experience. Layers of theories. Layers of intent. Of ilks and types and kinds.

MILABS. Globalists. Shadow governments, shadow industries. Participating in staging UFO/alien scenarios for the witness, who believes with literally every nerve in their body that aliens visited them, toyed with them, implanted them (and here’s the proof, say x-rays and the likes of Dr. Leir’s) and drugged them to repress memories of what really happened.

Some are satisfied with the above as the answer. Sure it’s an answer, but not the answer. I have no doubt some of this is truly happening. But that’s not all that is happening.

Another layer: literal aliens from outer space. Not merely from some far off galaxy light years upon light years away, but right within our own solar system — as well as beyond that.

Still another: beings from here. Spirits, devas,fairies, djinn, inner earth, parallel, — some sort or sorts of energies/entities that are non-human but that have been with us for a very very long time.

At least one more layer: religious framings. The BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary.) Angels. Gods and Goddesses. They appear to us and heal, warn, encourage, frighten.

And no doubt there’s more. So much more. All different layers of the UFO experience that all exist, but none negates the fact of this thing.

Hoaxes, sure. Mistaken things, due to ignorance, excitement, superstition, sure.  Government-industrial complex testing of secret technologies, of course. Mind control, social engineering, predictive programming.

It’s all true, it all exists. For some reason many still cling to the necessity of choosing one layer and sticking with it. WWII machines and CIA cover stories released to citizens? That answers the complex realm of UFOs! Except of course, it doesn’t.

For myself, I have no doubt something real and non-human has been interacting with me since childhood. This doesn’t exclude human interference, which I suspect is also a part of my life long encounters. It doesn’t exclude seeing objects in the sky which, when I continued to analyze them, concluded that they were human machines and not alien craft. Such conclusions do not deny the concurrent reality of my other UFO experiences.

Oh and I haven’t touched on the metaphysical. Dreams, astral realms, OOBEs (out of body experiences), “visions” during meditations, synchronicities. What technology accounts for that? Maybe, in some limited clumsy ways, ours does by way of these shadowy human MILAB types. But along with that, “they” — aliens — have that down pretty well. If they’re aliens-from-space that is. Could be something else — djinn, spirits…

Still another layer. (What a crazy rich cake this is turning out to be) and that’s parallel, or shared, experiences. My husband has had his own life long experiences: dreams he remembers from childhood that were not “dreams” at all, but, (as I have asked myself many times about this same phenomena) what else could they have been? Missing time and sightings and then we meet and more of the same and it continues to this day…

So these layers are not separate. The existence of one does not annihilate the others.

Do they come from the same ultimate source, like John Keel’s “super spectrum?” Yes and no. Of course, I don’t know, but I suspect that, on one level, (depending how far back one has stepped) the layers are separate. Ghosts are ghosts, not aliens, and aliens are aliens (whatever they are) not ghosts. And yet ghostly activity at times seems to mimic alien activity, or, vice versa. The realms intersect.

All these pieces, separate, acting alone with their own agendas. Yet maybe they are all parts of something larger that is aware.


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