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At long last, BoA:Audio journeys to Japan as we welcome writer and researcher Brent Swancer for an extensive conversation about Japanese legends, cryptids and anomalous places as well as some of the other strange and unusual tales he has investigated over the years.

Over the course of this marathon session, we learn about a plethora of Japanese cryptids, including the human-faced dog known as the jinmenken, Japan’s version of the Bigfoot called the Hibagon, a bizarre octopus-like creature known as the Akkorokamui, and a race of small humanoids from the distant past that were dubbed the Koropokkuru.

We also discuss unsettling and bizarre places like Japan’s suicide forest and the ‘ghost island’ of Hashima as well as other topics Brent’s researched like carnivorous cryptid plants, the Codex Gigas, the strange island of Mauritius, and the infamous “Lost City of Z.”

An epic, touchstone edition of the program which finally plants the BoA:Audio flag in the Land of the Rising Sun as Brent Swancer joins us for his first-ever interview to discuss the monsters and mysteries of Japan as well as other oddities from around the world.

Complete recap along with links to Brent’s articles we discuss during the program as well as MP3 and Streaming Audio linkage here:

Brent Swancer on BoA:Audio, Season IX

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