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BoA:Audio explores another strange realm of human behavior as we welcome, direct from Australia, author David Phoebe, author of the book Captive Humans: True Crime Cases of People Held Captive.

Over the course of this illuminating conversation, we explore ten key cases from David’s book, including the infamous seven-year captivity of Colleen Stan and other unsettling American cases as well as international instances of humans being held captive in Belgium, Canada, India, and China.

We also delve into how there appear to be a wide variety of motives which fuel these different cases, how different cultures react to the captive human phenomenon, and why it seems like women are the predominant victim of this particularly cruel type of crime.

One of the most deeply disturbing editions of the program in our long history of exploring the unusual as we take listeners to some of the darkest and most depraved corners of the human experience with David Phoebe, author of Captive Humans.

Exhaustive recap as well as MP3 and Streaming Audio linkage here:

David Phoebe on BoA:Audio, Season IX

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