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BoA:Audio welcomes author Leslie Wagner-Wilson, who shares her amazing story of being a member of the People’s Temple in the 1970′s and surviving the Jonestown tragedy.

Over the course of this breathtaking conversation, Leslie recounts her remarkable life story, beginning with how things were before she joined the People’s Temple at the age of thirteen, her teen years as a member of the organization, becoming a young mother and then having to relocate to Jonestown in order to reunite with her son, culminating with her daring escape on the day of the fateful tragedy and dealing with the aftermath back in America.

An absolutely riveting edition of BoA as Leslie Wagner-Wilson provides a priceless first-hand account of the most unsettling, horrific, and baffling events of our time: Jonestown.

Extensive recap as well as MP3 & Streaming Audio links here:

Leslie Wagner-Wilson on BoA:Audio

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