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BoA:Audio welcomes microbiology professor Dr. Tyler Kokjohn back to the program for an extended jam session that covers a myriad of topics ranging from the strangely paranormal to the fantastically and frighteningly real. Over the course of the conversation, we delve into the challenges and potential breakthroughs associated with DNA and the paranormal, issues surrounding paranormal research being dependent on propagating mysteries as a means of titillating its audience, and how the paranormal often eschews research in favor of simply promoting untested theories.

Additionally, we spend quite a bit of time talking about diseases as well as our food production in America and abroad. We talk about autism and the debate over vaccines, modern day measles outbreaks, mad cow disease brought on by nefarious conditions at factory farms, and the dangers of chemical additives being used in so many food products. Plus, we discuss ancient aliens, genetic tinkering, skeptics, experiencers, and a whole bunch more.

Altogether it is an enlightening and, at times, disturbing edition of the program which draws from the world of real science and applies it to both the paranormal and our everyday lives as Tyler Kokjohn returns to BoA:Audio.

Detailed recap as well as MP3 & Streaming Audio links can be found here:

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn on BoA:Audio, Season 8

And if you’d like to catch Tyler’s previous appearance on the show, that can be found here:

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn on BoA:Audio, Season 7 (5/20/2013)

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