One of those UFO episodes full of vagueness. Elusive. Not much there there but odd. No aliens or close encounters, no Reptilian Overlords or glowing eyed creatures. Just a strange sighting one night, seen from the bedroom window. And later, a woman sharing her tale of a similar sighting…

One night, about ten years ago, I was in bed. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to look out the window. No sound or strange light drew me; I’m not sure why I got up and looked. But I did. High up in the sky, through the trees, far off into space, (so it seemed) was a “star.” A bright star, a very large star. This star, or planet, as I thought it might be, was something I had not noticed before in that part of the sky. I watched it.

It was diamond shaped. And even though far away, I could tell it was spinning –revolving in place. It was also changing color. Brilliant blue, yellow, orange, red, green…

I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept looking at it from my bed, watching the window. The object never moved from its position. The stars in the sky move throughout the night, but not so with this thing. And at times it seemed to move backwards — further out a bit — but it remained in the same spot all during the night. Spinning and changing color.

It wasn’t there the next night, or ever again.

Not long after this sighting I was talking with a woman I knew through my job at the time. She was a religious woman, a conservative Christian who believed in UFOs and had seen a few herself. She told me of a diamond shaped UFO she saw that appeared in the skies of her Grants Pass (Oregon)  home years ago. The object simply appeared one night. It changed color and appeared to spin or revolve in place. It stayed in the same spot in the sky for a few nights then left.

This woman told me this story. We were talking UFOs, but I hadn’t told her of my diamond shaped UFO “star” sighting.

Were these the same object? The sightings took place years apart, but the description of the object is similar.

If this diamond UFO was the same thing –either literally the same object or two objects of the same “model” — why a gap of a few years? Was this UFO a craft operated by ET, or one of ours? The shared experience is another interesting aspect, one that I’ve had many times with other witnesses. Finding out later that they too had seen something akin to what I had seen. Often we find these things out coincidentally.

And, as always when writing about UFOs I have seen, I have to wonder why it is I have seen so many UFOs in my lifetime, beginning in childhood. (I have come to the conclusion many of these UFOs are man made objects, however, it is still a strange realm to explore; the shadow world of things in the skies.)


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