As happens with dreams, the emotions attached to this dream was what made the dream so intense. No aliens, no overt UFO Mother Ship craft, but the overall feeling was negative and disturbing. “Disturbing” is the one word that keeps popping up when remembering this dream:

I’m sitting on a bench outside the building where I work. It’s daytime, afternoon. Nice day. My boss and a co-worker (real people in waking life) are with me. The three of us are sitting very close to together, huddled and in deep conversation. Across from us is another bench; a young woman sits. We don’t know her and she has nothing to do with us or our conversation.

For some reason, all three of us look up at the sky. We see an airplane, nothing unusual at all,  except that it seems a little low in the sky but no danger.  And we don’t hear it, no sound is coming from the plane. Yet we’re compelled to watch this plane and we feel uneasy. The plane seems to slow down, barely moving, which of course is weird. Suddenly, from nowhere, a very large square of metal — chrome, steel, silver, something like that — appears above the plane. Our uneasiness increases. This is so very weird! There is nothing on this sheet of metal, no lights or fins or anything. It’s simply a flat, slightly reflective, giant square in the sky.

The plane stops, completely, and is being sucked up or pulled to the metal square which is exerting some kind of force on the plane.  The plane does a complete flip; now its nose is pointing to the ground, and this square pulls the plane up to its surface, where it sticks there. Just like a magnet pulling a metal object to it. Then the square zips off, upwards, in the sky. So fast! We are transfixed, watching this. Abruptly, the metal square with the plane disappears. There are no clouds in the sky — where did it go??!! It just is … gone!

We are all very upset by this. I want to tell everyone, the police, the media, everyone, but my boss and co-worker say no one will believe us. I say “Of course they will, it happened!” I go to the police, the news, and no one believes me. It’s an endless surreal loop of debunkery and denial, accusations and ignorance on their part. I’m asked why the woman sitting across from us didn’t report this; I say that she didn’t see anything, so how could she report this? Illogically, this only proves to the cops and the media that I am lying.

I’m also asked why should anyone believe me now? I’ve seen so many UFOs isn’t it a bit suspicious that I’m reporting one more? Doesn’t that make me, not honest but crazy? I say that I can’t help that, but all I can say is that I am telling the truth, I did see this, and so did two other people. I say “The other two witnesses have no interest in, or experiences with UFOs, and they’re reporting the same thing. So if you don’t believe me fine but listen to them.” They respond that this only proves we’re all lying, or at best, not correctly seeing what we thought we saw, since, if they have experience with UFOs, they’d know better. Makes no sense but there it is. Gets down to, no matter what I say they don’t believe me.

I also say that I don’t know if what we saw was an alien object, but that hardly matters, because it’s very weird and scary. So either it’s ET, which is astounding and maybe scary, or it’s human made, which really, is equally scary. Because what the hell were they doing with that plane? 

All this is ignored. The more I insist on my honesty and my trying to get their attention that something not right is going on up there, the more this proves to them I’m the crazy one.

On Coast to Coast last night Peter Davenport of the NUFORC reported on the hundreds of orange orb or lights sightings he’s received in the past couple of weeks. I was half asleep and only heard a little (while awake, I fell asleep with the radio on)  but I seem to remember that these orange orb sightings are everywhere. Now, orange orb sightings have been going on for some time, and they have been more and more prevalent. They occur all over the world.  They also carry a negative aspect, according to some witnesses. After all, my blog is titled The Orange Orb, inspired by my own orange orb sighting thirty years ago. That sighting involved missing time, strange dreams and a whole lot of overall weirdness that continues to this day. Mainly the simple fact that a sighting of an orange-lit-from-within-orb decades ago is still on my mind after all this time.

My orange orb sighting, while not scary in itself, carries with it a lot of scary elements, missing time being one of them. I’d say that’s a big negative aspect. Who, or what, caused this missing time? Why?!

Was my dream triggered by these reports of orange orbs and lights? Were memories of my own orange orb sighting nudged “awake” in the dream state?

(For more on my UFO sightings through the years see my blog Saucer Sightings.)

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