Not news, that there’s no news, no there there, when it comes to UFOs. Every few months or so, UFO Land pronounces in various ways and expressions of despair, that it is the end of UFOs. We don’t care, the public doesn’t care, the main stream media doesn’t care, and if even with all of that did care, it wouldn’t matter, because — in this loop of indulgent hand wringing chicken little smug self-righteous prophetic know it all statements — there is nothing new, nothing revealed, nothing disclosed. So there. Nothing to UFOs, it’s a waste of time, move on, do something useful with your lives, and stop researching the obviously fruitless realm of aliens and UFOs.

I call a loud, vibrant, vivid, raucous and disruptive bullshit on that. For those of us who’ve had multiple sightings, missing time, encounters with some kind of other, and all the hassles, weirdness, exclusions, and misunderstandings of such  events, dismissing the exploration of UFOs as some kind of sad wasteland of the loser crowd is only arrogance, combined with ignorance. The worst kind of stuffed shirt Gringch from Smugville.

Popular culture waxes and wans. Popularity of the paranormal in all its mysterious para-tainment thrills will come and go, but the presence or absence of such is no indicator of the reality of UFOs. That reality has been with us for thousands of years, is present now, and given their performance all these eons, will very likely continue for a long time.


It just occurred to me as I read the latest smug-somber death knell for UFOs by self-elected UFO Police that maybe there might be some unwitting truth in the recent proclamations. Maybe, with the ever increasing presence of drones, and all manner of combinations of “them” vs. us (them meaning the globalist, octopus like take over of not only our planet, but our very heads) the other “they” — yep, aliens/UFOs — will decide to simply, quietly, and softly, land amongst us. By that time, we’ll never notice.

It’s possible. Hiding in plain sight, and by the time we do notice, it’ll be over. The arguments and debunking will begin anew, the elite bored will feign indifference, the mass culture will be confused. Maybe all that’s already happened.

Doesn’t matter, too much. Part of that scenario no doubt had already happened, but one thing many still do not get is that there is no one thing when it comes to UFOs. No one answer, no one explanation, no one kind of alien. It’s all possible and all likely and all happening at once.

Meanwhile, there are real humans down here with real experiences who don’t give a damn about those who do everything but actually stop and listen. Answers —  or at least the glimmerings of potential answers — abound within the quest, and that includes the investigations into so-called “old” cases and researchers. (For example, see Jeremy Vaeni’s recent post What if Missing Time is Supposed to Stay Missing?)

It’s not a waste of time to look back, and it’s not pointless to continue the journey, and that goes double, triple (squared) for witnesses.

It gets down to this. If you don’t  have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.


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