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BoA:Audio journeys back to the realm of the Bigfoot as Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society joins us for a long-overdue cryptid edition of the program where we delve into all the latest happenings in the world of Bigfoot research and examine the ‘big picture’ issues which continue to pose a conundrum for cryptozoology. A comprehensive two hours of Bigfoot talk that covers tons of stuff and really leaves almost no stone unturned.

Amongst the many, many topics covered in this packed conversation are the explosion in mainstream popularity for Bigfoot, the Rick Dyer ‘Bigfoot body’ story, the saga of Justin Smeja and the Bigfoot Bounty program, the current state of Bigfoot research, the challenges of proving the creature’s existence, Bigfoot migratory patterns, dermal ridges, DNA testing, Bigfoot stink, reactions of witnesses to seeing Bigfoot, the ‘kill or no kill’ debate, what a post Bigfoot disclosure world might look like, a textbook Bigfoot investigation from Eric’s Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, skeptics, Project Falcon, Mothman, and more.

A more detailed breakdown of the conversation as well as MP3s and Streaming Audio links can be found here …

Eric Altman on BoA:Audio

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