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BoA:Audio returns from our winter hiatus with a massive live edition of the program featuring legendary esoteric author Brad Steiger in the 1st hour and prodigious paranormal writer Nick Redfern for the remainder of the program, including an additional half hour which took place following the live broadcast.

With Brad, we discuss the revelatory nature of the paranormal and how it seems to be part of a larger agenda aimed at pushing humanity forward towards something yet to be determined or known. We also hear an amazing story about the paranormal and evolution which Brad has never told before and discuss the envelopment of humanity by technology, and what researchers should be asking paranormal experiencers.

As Brad’s appearance gives way to Nick’s time on the show, we have a few minutes where these two titans share the stage and discuss their upcoming project The Zombie Book as well as how they each find the energy and inspiration to keep writing so many books.

During Nick’s segment of the program, we talk about the emergence of Bigfoot as a pop culture phenomenon, the problems of paranormal reality TV, Nick’s decision to move away from writing about UFO conspiracies, the potential dangers of humanizing the paranormal, and whether humans can even understand what it is. We also delve into discussion on how the ‘face’ of the paranormal is continually changing and what they latest visage may be as well as the infamous MIBs and Nick’s tremendous research into that phenomenon. Plus, of course, tons more.

Altogether it is an enlightening installment of BoA:Audio which ultimately looks at the very nature of this thing we call ‘the paranormal’ as we ponder the great unknown with two masters of esoteric research, Brad Steiger and Nick Redfern.

A more detailed breakdown of the conversation as well as MP3s and Streaming Audio links can be found here …

Brad Steiger / Nick Redfern on BoA:Audio

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2 Responses to Brad Steiger / Nick Redfern on BoA:Audio

  1. PurrlGurrl says:

    Great show!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing.

  2. Nighbird says:

    What a wonderful show, Tim! Brad is THE living legend in the paranormal and esoterica, and is a wealth of knowledge that compares to none. And of course, Nick is his heir-apparent, and is only second to Brad for me in listening pleasure. Please have both of these gentlemen on more often, and keep up the fantastic work you do here on BOA. It’s only getting better with time my man.

    My condolences on your Grandmother. But rest assured you have gained a new guardian angel on the other side. =)

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