“As Ancient Alien theorists contend…” the narrator on Ancient Aliens (airs on the H 2 channel) reminds us, constantly. So, as “ancient alien theorists” often speculate, what humanity has interpreted as angels are really aliens. Very possibly. I tend to go along with much of the ancient alien theory to explain a lot about how we got here, and why. While I do think what we have considered  God/gods– and put our entire belief structures and trust in — have been, not “God” but aliens, I also believe there is a spiritual realm that has nothing to do with ET at all. One may mimic the other; more often the alien side loves to mess with us and impersonate our gods.

Angels exist. I have come to believe that more and more and while this surprises the hell out of me, for I am not a Christian or religious, I also do not reject spiritual experiences. I have also had a lifetime of paranormal experiences and that includes UFOs and aliens. The two are not the same, though they certainly cross over and in much of what we call paranormal, it can get damn confusing.

Then there are ghosts. All kinds of categories there but basically, the spirit of a dead human makes its presence known to the living. I’ve had experience with ghosts and hauntings as well, and have not personally encountered UFOs and aliens, or angels, within those experiences. Ghosts have nothing to do with ET or angels, but, again, do these energies meet at some point? Does one, at times, manipulate the other? Aside from ghosts, aliens, and angels, there are entities that are, for lack of a different term, demonic. I don’t mean in a Christian framework, but negative energies that are not human, and definitely something to respect. Don’t call stuff up if you don’t know how to deal with that stuff.

Last night’s The Dead Files, (one of the best paranormal shows on TV in my opinion) medium Amy Allan had an experience that was startling and new for her. As she was doing her “walk through” of the haunted home, encountering many ghosts and spirits, she also encountered what she described as non-human but oddly human looking, tall, entities. That in itself is not odd, since haunted locations often have entities that are not human (those “demons”) but in this case, Amy Allan had a surprise. She said during the “reveal” (the end of the show where she tells the owners of the haunted property how to deal with their haunting) that these tall, non-human beings were aliens. Literally, as in beings from another planet. This surprised her as much as anyone. It seemed that these beings were after the children, causing them a lot of harm.

Medium Amy Allan, The Dead Files

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have mediums along on UFO investigations. Aside from some remote viewing of locations involving UFOs, I don’t think this has been done. There have been books written by channelers and individuals in contact with ET — Ida Kanneberg,(deceased) for example — but I am unaware of mediums directly involved in investigating sites where UFOs and aliens have been seen.

I think this is a good idea! Of course I realize the sputtering outrage of many a UFO researcher at such a suggestion, but you can guess my answer: feh.


Vintage “fortune teller” with crystal ball

I don’t mean individual who “channel” and say they’re in communication with Icktoid from Jupiter. In those cases I think the individual is no doubt accessing something real, it’s just from an entity having fun, not a real alien. What needs to happen is have legitimate mediums explore a location where UFO activity has been reported, and later, compare their notes with each other.





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2 Responses to Use Mediums in UFO Investigations

  1. Mike D says:

    I’m in agreement with the gist of this article as I am generally with any approach that can shed as much light on the phenomena as possible. However, there is going to be an unavoidable multiplier effect in the amount giggle factor units expressed as the number of paranormal areas applied to a particular event increase. I think though that, despite the possible credibility risks, mediums / psychics / remote viewers should be used (with care) as an additional tool among many using some practical guidelines:

    Vetting of psychics beforehand – before using anyone a significant effort should be undertaken to determine the credibility of a particular psychic. I haven’t seen the episode mentioned above but almost without fail I cringe when I see so-called ‘psychics’ and ‘mediums’ on tv. They often give off a very charletonesque vibe; seeming like flamboyant fame seekers more so than any thing else. I’m sure there are exceptions but this has been my impression over the course of a number of years.

    Minimization of the impact of ‘psychic evidence.’ – aside from the fact that we don’t necessarily want the validity of our investigative work to be vouched for by the next Miss Cleo, we have to be practical in the sense that often times psychic pronouncements are unverifiable. Because of that psychic info should not be emphasized in an investigation unless it provides a clue or verifiable piece of data. The claim in the show about aliensis totally unverifiable for example. I wouldn’t say marginalize such info either maybe it just belongs somewhere between a legitimate finding and a footnote.

    Anyway that’s my 2 (or 3) cents,


  2. Ted Torbich says:

    I’m all for using mediums or others to help as long as they are vetted as much as possible to keep charlatans out of the field. What we really need is more situational information and psychological data. Things like state of mind, what were you thinking about at the time, had you any recent sychronicities, etc.

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