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Always fascinated by the dream realm: what makes us dream the dreams we do, where do the rest of our dreams live that we forget, while remembering only fragments, or none at all? So much more, so many layers to delve into regarding dreams…

Last two nights I’ve had dreams with elements of the weird. Who knows why or what prompted such odd dreams? Generally speaking, being a Fortean nerd is enough to explain why. Another reason: I’ve been sick for two weeks now with the Willamette Valley Crud and full of cough suppressants (albeit natural ones as much as possible.) Changes in weather and air pressure (snowing now!) or who knows. No doubt falling asleep while listening to Coast to Coast has something to do with the realm of the weird creeping into my subconscious.  Haven’t been reading any particular esoteric book, except for Lisa Shiel’s new  Forbidden Bigfoot. (Shameless plug, I am honored to be included among such great writers and researchers; thank you Lisa!)


Night before last, had a disturbing dream involving aborted astral projection, among other things. A note about OOBEs: I used to have these all the time, going back to childhood. Spontaneously, easily, and usually pleasant. (And often involving UFOs.) The older I got the less frequent the OOBEs, and, when they did happen, I would get stuck –  no matter how hard I tried to get unstuck — and would slam back into my body.

Mothman/Ghost Possession

The dream I had the other night was terrifying. I left my body, and saw myself hovering right above it. I was very happy about this part, that’s not what frightened me. I tried to wake up my husband but couldn’t. I wanted to tell him how pleased I was about finally leaving my body and being able to direct things, get somewhere! Suddenly, I felt the presence of Mothman. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but he, or it, was right there with me, around me, above me. I couldn’t see him, not exactly, but he was there all right, two inches from me, so close!  And Mothman was sad; he/it just felt sad. As if it wanted to do something but couldn’t, being relegated to simply watching, maybe protecting somehow by its presence.  Meanwhile, I’m rigid, frozen in this splayed out above my body state, barely hovering. Not feeling good about things, when along comes a ghost that promptly proceeds to possess me. Against my will, and no matter how I try to fight this thing off, keep it away, it just posses me. Which really makes me angry, so now we’re in this battle, with Mothman nearby, wanting to do something but unable, for some reason.

I again try to wake my husband because now I’m frightened as well as pissed and need help but he is still out cold. Finally, somehow, I get this ghost/spirit thing (a tangible thing, I can see it, very ectoplasm-like) away from me, and I wake up feeling frightened and not wanting to go back to sleep.


Is Strieber Still the Master?

Talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago who has had UFO and alien encounters since childhood — as her entire family — she mentioned that she had contacted Whitely Strieber years ago. She didn’t get to speak to Whitly, but did speak with Anne, who, according to this friend, kept referring to Whitley as ‘the master” and “the priest” which creeped out my friend. I can’t speak to anything other than reporting this little anecdote, and I’m not making any comments either way on Strieber, his work or his experiences. It’s just a background story to the following dream I had last night;

Jim (my husband) and I are walking through a large station of some kind, like a train station, or bus station. We’re pretty happy but in a hurry, we have to catch a bus somewhere. We’re going out of town; east towards the McKenzie river area.  We want to get there before the snow hits hard. (Now in waking life, snow was predicted for today, but it wasn’t snowing quite yet, and, while I like the McKenzie river area, it’s not where I particularly want to live or visit, certainly not in the snow — where snow hits hard up there — I don’t like snow!)  As we’re walking through this place, full of bustling people, a boy about seven or eight comes up to me. He’s wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and has such large black eyes! He’s a cutie. He takes my hand, and is very self assured, leading us. He pulls up his hood to cover his head. I laugh and tell Jim that “Oh well, he’s just a kid,” and I worry a little about him being alone and so young, and not wearing enough warm clothing. He seems fine however. As he’s leading us, holding my hand, but in a very take charge way, he turns and asks me “Is Streiber still the Master?” This throws me for a loop; unnerves me a bit. Then he disappears, just vanishes before our eyes, as we step out onto the bus loading area. There are no people, and only one bus, that is waiting for us. It’s lit up inside, but no other passengers. For some reason this feels weird to us but we get on the bus anyway. (I’ve had this bus lit from within imagery in dreams before; usually it’s nighttime and sometimes there are others on the bus, sometimes not.)



Many a UFO witness has remembered parts of their experience through dreams. Contact with spirit; of the once living or entities, comes easily through dreams. The subconscious sends us messages from its depths but the problems are in the interpretations; are we productively sensing the meanings behind the imagery?






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  1. Ho Chi Snip-Snips says:

    The ‘Master’ bit shows up in Strieber’s work on two fronts: one is his preoccupation with Meister (Master) Eckhart, whom he quotes often, even erroneously. The second is the ‘Master of the Key’, who supposedly deeply influenced his life, even though much of what was told to him by this person was prefigured in Strieber’s earlier work.

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