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Ho, Ho, Ho, my friends,

The 9th Annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman is on the horizon and it’s time once again for our traditional “Ask Stanton Friedman” portion of the show.

So … I would like to turn the floor over to the members of BoA Nation who may have a question for the esteemed “Father of Modern Day Ufology” and would like to be a part of our annual reindeer games.

Consider it our gift to you this holiday season along with a healthy donation in your name to the ‘Human Fund.’

You can submit your question a> in the comment section of this post or b> @ Binnall of America on Facebook or c> by emailing


  • Deadline for submitting questions is Wednesday, December 11th, 2013. The interview will be taped shortly thereafter.
  • Given that this is Stanton Friedman and questions may be complex, we reserve the right to end Listener Questions when we run out of time or at around ~15 questions. So … post your question asap.  Much like Christmas dinner at your cousin Marty’s house, it’s first come, first serve.
  • One question limit, no exceptions. It’s akin to the line to meet Santa at the mall, we’ve got to keep the line moving, folks.
  • No inflammatory or overtly silly questions (lighthearted ones are okay, though). This should be self-explanatory: no trolls, only elves.
  • Finally, I will not read your UFO sighting to Stanton and then ask “what do you think it was?”

Have fun and Happy Holidays !!

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8 Responses to Ask Stanton Friedman – 2013 Edition

  1. Markus from Somerset MA. says:

    Hey Tim,
    Can you please ask Stanton what he thinks about the future of space tourism and sub orbital flights such as Virgin Galactics Space Ship One. Would he ever consider taking the trip himself, and does he think that it might eventually force open the door that discloser hides behind ?

  2. Nancy from Iowa says:

    Hi Tim,
    I would like to ask Mr. Friedman:
    If you could only recommend one book to a diehard UFO skeptic, what would it be?
    Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Tim Bihnnall's Biggest Fan says:

    Hi Tim.
    I’d like you to ask Stan, has he investigated the German UFO crash, alleged by Deek Richards, if so, what are his views.

    Also, has he visited the James Gilliland ranch to view the Ufo’s that regularly fly around mount Adams.
    If not, would he like to .

  4. kanomi says:

    hi Tim, thanks for the opportunity to ask Stan a question, I think he is a relentlessly honest and invigorating presence. My question if it’s not too late:

    As a scientist and a researcher, you have thought about extraterrestrial reality and disclosure for most of your adult life. Most ordinary people don’t think very much about it at all, outside of a few movies or a much smaller group of eyewitnesses. If the ETH was proven by scientists at some point, even if by finding astronomical evidence (Dyson spheres, etc.), what kind of impact do you think it would have on our society TODAY, not the random fears played up by the Condon Report etc. How would it impact science and young scientists? How would it impact religions, especially in the developing world under Islam? How would it impact geopolitics and human power structures?

    Thanks and sorry for the long question.

  5. Ted Torbich says:

    Mr. Friedman has worked on nuclear propulsion vehicles in the past. I wanted his thoughts on whether or not at the time of that work there were plans to make the planes semi-autonomous and remove the pilot thus making the shielding less of an issue. Does he believe that the US and possibly other nations now have nuclear powered drones that can stay in the air for extended periods of time? Lastly what is his position on drones and their use, from a political and military point of view.

  6. Bob Thomas says:

    Why would humans 50,000 years from the future travel back in time to gather DNA from 1980, as reported by Linda Moulton Howe in the Rendelsham case?
    You mean humans way in the future can’t synthesize any kind of DNA chains they want? Ditto for ET/human alien hybrids, since advanced ET’s able to travel here can probably manufacture any sort of creature they desire. I’m also quite weary of ET’s creating humans for mining gold. ET can probably make any element they want, starting with just protons and neutrons.

  7. Mike says:


    I’m curious to know if Mr. Friedman has ever had any run ins with MIB types over the course of his research (both in ‘uniform’ or assorted types he might have been suspected of being out of ‘uniform’) in the same or similar manner as the encounters described by Bruce Rux.

    If time permits and Tim is uncharacteristically out of questions I have two alternate questions:
    1. if this isn’t too uncomfortable a topic, I’d like to ask if Mr. Friedman ever had any direct run ins with the somewhat infamous Bill Cooper when he was alive and what his impressions/recollections were of the man.

    2. If the above actually is too personal then… I wonder if Mr. Friedman can speak from his expertise as a physicist as to some of the points made to support the moon hoax theory – specifically with respect to the claims about the deadliness of solar radiation and the passage through the van allen belts with such seemingly flimsy shielding.

    Thank you,


  8. Zeno of Cittium says:

    What does Stanton think about the current state of scientific education in the US and the stereotype that I see being propagated now of science/engineering being something mostly done by foreigners (typically of some type of Asian persuasion). For all the lip service paid to ‘critical-thinking skills’ in education today it seems to me that academia is largely interested in create drones that simply follow the status quo. If graduate and doctoral students are indeed becoming nothing but drones isn’t it possible that physics could devolve into a bunch of mathematical models that may be fundamentally incorrect yet coincide enough with certain aspects of ‘conventional’ reality to be taken as true while at the same time disallowing just the sort of phenomena that might make things like FTL achievable.

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