“The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.” ~ Charles Fort


This past July, Robert Stanley was  a recent guest on Coast to Coast. Very interesting about human disappearances (shades of David Paulides, thoughtI don’t know what Paulides might think of all this) as well as portals and non-human intelligences, including what we call aliens from outer space — ET.  Stanley has had his own share of mystical experiences — some might say he’s a contactee, possibly. A lot to think about and there are many layers to his experiences, speculations and statements of fact. One thing he wrote about the “sky fish” on his website –  non-human alien intelligences that are energy sucking parasites, — compares these entities to what shamans, as well as predictive programming (Star Trek) have apparently encountered; the following references Carlos Casteneda:

 in fact, a large, dark, fat fish that could fly was the description used by Carlos Castenada when he was first taught how to see these covert creatures (see excerpt below) and informed that they are able to influence the mind’s of humans. But there is more to this incredible story than meets the eye.” ~ Robert Stanley

Stanley quotes from Beyond Fear, a Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy by Don Miguel Ruiz:

“Humans are not the only beings with powerful minds. Attached to humanity are unseen beings that also are an organ of the earth. They share the metabolism of the earth, just as humans do. These beings form a spectrum from benevolent to harmful. They have been present alongside the human race from the beginning. The destiny of these beings and that of humans is intertwined. The Toltec’s call them Allies. The Allies lack a brain, which means they have no factory to create emotions, but they need the ethereal energy of emotions to sustain their life. Allies push humans to create traumas in order to create fear, which they feed upon.”  

This perspective is found in many traditions. Allies, Djinn, Archon, mind parasites — so many names and so many boxes we can put this perspective into –  the meaning is pretty clear.  As I continue with with my own study of, well, myself I guess (missing time, paranormal and supernatural experiences, UFO sightings, contact with entities) I find myself not completely moving away from an ET hypothesis (because I do believe aliens from outer space are physical beings that are here, and have been here for thousands of years) but expanding my ideas about what is happening. I am coming closer and closer to accepting the fact that yes, there are evil entities afoot. This is dangerous ground because it is easy (and lazy) to jump to the conclusion that this view simply means …. Saaaaaaytan!  Turn to “God,” go to church, and bring prayer back in the schools. Do that, and we’ll all be saved. I don’t want to be misunderstood and have anyone think for one second that I’m all about that.

But there is something — quite a damn lot really –  to the idea that these beings feed off negative energy. (I wonder how many times this kind of thing is mistaken for, or misinterpreted as, ghosts, say? Another topic for another time! And which Stanley addresses.) The danger here is the downside of the “don’t worry be happy” line. Refusing to deal with the “negative” — the real and literal harm affecting all living beings right here, right now — is dangerously irresponsible. Finding a balance between acknowledgement the “negative” and using the positive as a method to dissipate the negative is key. Ignoring won’t make it go away. Dwelling on it won’t stop it either. As Stanley quotes Don Juan in The Active Side of Infinity:

“There’s nothing that you and I can do about it,” don Juan said in a grave, sad voice. “All we can do is discipline ourselves to the point where they will not touch us.”


Archons, or Aliens?

I haven’t given up that extraterrestrials from other planets exist. Their is no single, all inclusive answer to the UFO phenomena. Sometimes it’s ET, sometimes is this, that, the other. When I started out studying UFOs, I was pretty much in the ET camp. Like I said, I haven’t given that up completely. But there is much more to all this.

Years ago I had an experience with “the grays” that I had always put in the ET category. But now I wonder if this experience wasn’t an ET encounter — as in, ET from another planet — but Archons, or manifestations of Djinn, or some kind of entity along the lines of what Stanley and so many other researchers studying this side of the UFO phenomena believe.

I was meditating, using  crystals and  a copper wand with a purple fluorite crystal at the tip.  Suddenly, I “saw” three or four grays, standing at my window. They were there — as real as anything else in the room. But at the same time, if someone were to walk into the room, they wouldn’t have seen anything. (Unless, I suppose, they were an adept of some type. It’s possible.) These beings were existing on some other plane; clearly they were present, yet remained “invisible” to whoever might be walking by. I was not asleep but fully awake, relaxed in a mediative state, but completely aware of my surroundings.

These beings were not friendly. They seemed to be mean spirited and intrusive. I didn’t like them being here, and I used my crystals to ward them off. I concentrated on surrounding myself with white light. (I realize how silly this sounds — sort of comic book like but it is what it is.) This seemed to piss them off. It worked; my intent to keep them away, I held that intention while using white light and the crystals. They didn’t like this one bit, and they finally left.

Earlier that day, a friend invited me to a group meditation she was going to that night. I didn’t know anyone there, just her. I declined, and stayed home, where I did my own meditation, meeting the above mentioned beings. The next day, my friend told me that the woman leading the meditation told her she had a friend who “was supposed to be here tonight, and is battling her own entities right now.” Hmmm.

Were these entities more along the lines of what shamanic traditions the world believe exist (Archons, Djinn, Sky Fish, etc.) or literal ETs, as in aliens from outer space?

The more I study this phenomena, the more I think that there are energies, not related to ET, but that we interpret or mistake for ET in many cases. Furthermore, these entities intentionally mimic ETs and aspects of the UFO phenomena to keep us confused and distracted from their parasitic agenda.


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