Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the legendary ‘War of the Worlds’ radio broadcast of 10/30/1938, BoA:Audio welcomes author David Acord for a discussion on his new book, When Mars Attacked, which details the infamous Orson Welles program that set off a panic throughout America.

Over the course of the conversation, we discuss Welles’ remarkable childhood, early life, and rise to fame as well as the explosion of radio as the hot form of media in the 1930′s. We also find out about all the various elements which came together to make the War of the Worlds panic happen and David separates the facts from the fiction as to what actually happened on 10/30/1938 and what the intent behind it was. Additionally, we examine conspiracy theories surrounding the broadcast as well as connections between War of the Worlds and the UFO phenomenon.

Altogether this is an episode which will likely provide BoA:Audio listeners with a wealth of new information on the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast which has entrenched itself in urban legend, paranormal lore, and pop culture history for the last 75 years as David Acord tells us about When Mars Attacked.

Our usual exhaustive preview as well as MP3s and Streaming Audio linkage for the program can be found at …


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